Corporate Life is Hell

Chances are, if you’ve clicked far enough to read this, you know what I’m talking about. It’s no secret to anyone who’s spent enough time in a corporate business setting that it can, at times, feel miserable.  It’s strange when you think about it, because corporate life is actually pretty cushy, with air conditioned offices and ergonomic chairs, and relatively high pay.

Corporate life can be hell for a lot of reasons, and I’m not here to tell you it’s not.  In fact, in my own experience of working inside corporate America for about 20 years, I came to the same conclusion.  But this is not where I start dwelling on what makes it so miserable. Instead, I want to ask:

Why are you continuing to tolerate corporate hell?


It doesn’t have to be this way.  I’m not talking about leaving the corporate world, which I know is what you fantasize about.  I’m talking about stepping up and doing something about it, rather than being at the mercy of your circumstances.

It is within your power to change.  You can choose corporate hell, or you can choose freedom.


I want to show you how.  After I left my last corporate job, I decided to make it my mission to Liberate Corporate America from Hell.  I launched my leadership coaching practice to help business leaders not only create a far more fulfilling work life for themselves, but to create a better workplace, where people don’t feel like corporate life is hell.

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This has been life changing for many of my clients and absolutely amazing for me.  But to truly pursue my mission, I have a whole lot more work to do.  In that spirit, I’m developing a 12 Step Program that I want to share with you.  These are 12 Steps that are completely within your power, and if you implement them all, I guarantee you will be free from corporate hell.

I have begun writing my first book, Corporate Life is Hell:  12 Steps to Personal Freedom and Liberated Leadership, and expect to publish by this Summer, 2015.  I will be using this blog to share bite sized drafts as I write, and I am looking for your feedback.  I would love to hear  your comments on each post.

You might be wondering, who specifically is this book for?  The short answer is it’s for you.  Whether you are a senior executive, or middle management, this is for you.  As you’ll learn in the introductory episodes (as well as Step One), I believe that Everyone is a Leader, regardless of position in an organizational hierarchy.

Recently, I was at a party and I asked a good friend of mine, who happens to be the CEO of a small but growing company, “how’s work?”  His immediate answer was: “my life is hell!” I’m not making this up!! Confused, I said “but you’re the CEO, you’re in charge of it all.”  He went on to tell me about all his headaches, including that all too common refrain: too many C players and not enough A players.

Ask an average employee why corporate life is hell and you’ll typically hear about a bad boss, or a lack of belief in “management.”

So what you have is everyone in the organization complaining that life is hell because of other people.  The finger is always pointed at others.

The root cause of Corporate Life is Hell is a lack of leadership.  And remember, Everyone is a Leader.

The solution is Liberated Leadership.


This is not someone else’s problem.  No one else is at fault if you feel like corporate life is hell. And by the way, quitting your job is not likely to “fix” the problem.  But fear not!  You can choose to take personal leadership responsibility and CHANGE YOUR LIFE.

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